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There is a brilliant child locked inside every child.

Unit 1, week 4 Spelling Words

 1. climb                   11. pies

 2. height                  12. fright

 3. kite                      13. pride

 4. twice                    14. pry

 5. shy                      15. drive

 6. minding               16. die

 7. sigh                     17. slight

 8. prime                   18. slice

 9.wipe                      19. sly

10. spy                     20. file


These words all have the long e sound.To practice these

spelling words, students should first read the word, spell

the word and read the word again.



 climb (say the word)    c l i m b (say the letters)    climb (say the word)


Unit 1, Week 4 Vocabulary

1. accelerated- to move or cause to move faster

2. advantage- something that is helpful or useful

3. friction- a force between the surface that slows down an object or stops them from moving

4. gravity- a force that pulls an object down.

5. identity- who a person is or what something is

6. inquire- a search for information

7. thrilling- exciting

8. capabillities- have the needs or skills, power or ability


Welcome to our fabulous 4th grade class!

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