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Morris Elementary teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators are supported by the Dual Language Education Leadership Initiative Guided High quality Training (DELIGHT) to improves programs and practices in Dual Language Immersion programs and Structured Immersion classrooms. Project DELIGHT increases engagement of all parents at these schools through educator professional development (PD) and parent engagement and leadership programs.

Dual Langauge Immersion

Morris Elementary offers students the opportunity to communicate in two languages; Spanish and English in a 90-10 Dual Language Immersion program.

  • K- 90% Spanish Instruction 10% English
  • 1st Grade- 80% Spanish Instruction 20% English
  • 2nd Grade-70% Spanish Instruction 30% English
  • 3rd Grade- 60% Spanish Instruction 40% English
  • 4th Grade- 50%Spanish Instruction 50% English
  • 5th Grade- 50% Spanish Instruction 50%


Our goal is to foster bilingualism and biliteracy to enable students to meet the challenges of a global society.

Morris has successfully implemented Dual   Language Immersion in grades K-3rd grade.

  • 31% of DLI students reclassified in second grade.
  • 50% of DLI students tested GATE in second grade.

Dual Immersion

DLI Team
dual immersion
From left to right: Fabiola Garcia, Sandra Gil, Narda Solorzano, Sandra Perez, Lorena Moreno, Mariana Veloz. 
CABE Binational GLAD
binational glad

dual language immersion program

Dual Language Immersion is an education model that integrates native English speakers and native speakers of another language.

In Dual Language Immersion classrooms students learn to think, read, write and communicate naturally in two languages: English and Spanish.Dual immersion programs have been in existence for over 50 years.There are programs in all 50 states.There are currently over 300 dual immersion programs in California.  


La inmersión de Lenguaje Dual es un programa que incluye a hablantes nativos de inglés y hablantes nativos de español en el mismo salón de clase y todos los estudiantes aprenden a pensar, leer, escribir y comunicarse naturalmente en dos idiomas: inglés y español. 

El programa de Inmersión de Lenguaje Dual  empezará con una clase de kindergarten en cada una de las cuatro escuelas primarias en el 2016-2017. Se añadirá un nivel de grado cada año. El programa de Inmersión de Lenguaje Dual creará un trayecto para el Sello de Bilingüismo en el diploma de secundaria

Readers Theater
readers theater
DLI Team


Sandra Gil - Kinder

Lorena Moreno - 1st Grade

Narda Solorzano - 2nd Grade

Sandra Perez- 3rd Grade


Fabiola Garcia 

Mariana Veloz

Informacion Para Padres


Information for Parents

info for parents